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About My Beauty Clan

My Beauty Clan is a knowledge base and an online community for anything beauty and skin care. We educate our viewers and readers about problems and their solutions, provide product reviews and guidance, and support you on your journey to achieving your best skin.

More clarity in less time

If you’re looking for concise and easy-to-follow skincare and beauty guides, we’re here to help. We deliver reliable, transparent, and well-researched information in a clear way.
Obscure ingredients and marketing jargon – no more! You’ll know exactly what’s in a product and if it is for you.

Cheers for guilt-free skincare!

We won’t make you feel bad for choosing not to go the budget-friendly way, nor will we tell you to ditch fragrances and luxury textures. We will simply state the facts as they are, and you’ll decide what to buy for yourself.
Skincare, in its essence, is inclusive and is available for every skin type and every budget.

Our goal is to create a safe space and a community of like-minded beauty lovers and skintusiasts, so join the clan!

Meet Gigi

My story and why I founded the clan

Hello there, I’m Gigi!

It all started with my blotchy face, riddled with sunspots (I live near the beach), and nagging hormonal acne twice a month. Down the rabbit hole of skincare, I went, looking for the miracle product that would give me the skin of an Instagram model or at least rid me of all unwanted skin guests.

I found a world that inspired me and brought me positivity when I was most self-conscious. And a universe that is unnecessarily confusing for any beginner.

Beauty and skincare are great ways of self-care and destressing. Even if you start just now, it can be easy. All you need is a space that gathers all information in one place and delivers it in a clear, easy-to-understand way. And why not – a community where an answer to your question is just a post away, and you feel understood and supported every step of the way.

Want to collab?

We’re always on the lookout for fellow skinthusiast and beauty lovers for potential partnerships and to just connect! Have an idea on how we can collaborate? Don’t hesitate and shoot us a message!

How we make money

My Beauty Clan is an independent, advertising-supported platform. We may be compensated by your clicking on links posted on this website, at no extra cost to you.

We only link out to products and services that we personally love and we’re always transparent about our own experience with them.