Without a doubt, all of us are bound to experience a pimple or a zit from time to time.

No matter how perfect your skin is, acne could surprise you as a result of your latest diet choices, disturbance in hormone levels, a new skincare product that you’ve recently used, or other factors.

Instead of relying on popping and squeezing the insides of acne, and risking permanent scarring, you can opt for a safer method – using hydrocolloid face masks or patches.

Let’s see what they are and some examples of amazing full-face hydrocolloid masks available in stores.

What are hydrocolloid face masks?

What is hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid face masks are described as a “vacuum for acne”.

They usually come in the form of patches or bandages and are gel-textured, containing natural hydrocolloid.

For a bit of science, hydrocolloids are long-chain polymers that are often used in skincare for their great properties. They extract any excess, harmful fluids from the skin but help retain the good fluids. This helps protect wounds and supports a faster healing process.

A full-face pimple patch mask covers a larger area than your regular zit sticker — you can cover your entire chin, your cheeks, and even your forehead with just a single hydrocolloid sheet.

Suffice it to say, the extra large hydrocolloid patches are great for those of you with severe acne problems as they help you to cover larger areas of skin with a single patch, and protect your face from scarring.

Best full-face hydrocolloid face masks to try

The following hydrocolloid masks are in no particular order. Make sure to use the handy buttons to navigate back to the top of this list:

1. Band-Aid Hydro Seal Extra Large Adhesive Bandages for Wound Care & Blisters

Band Aid Hydrocolloid Face Patches

These waterproof hydrocolloid sheets are made to last, and they indicate that the healing process has begun with signs that you can’t miss. The bandage helps avoid scars and supports the healing process of inflamed, wounded, irritated, or acne skin.

It works its magic by sealing out any moisture and forcing the pimple or zit to pop in a safe, clean way. It will help keep your fingers away from the area no matter how tempted you are.

The patch is large enough to be used on almost any part of the body. It lasts up to a week, even after hand washing and showers.

Its double action seals out dirt, germs, and water while preventing wounds and blisters from drying out and blocking the body’s natural healing ability.

Additional ingredients: no
Count: 3 pc
Size: 2.4 : 2.7 in


  • The dual-action seal that I’ve mentioned is fully resistant to water, making it suitable for long-term use.
  • The hydrocolloid shows when it’s working, giving you peace of mind that healing has begun.


This has too strong of a grip so be very careful when removing the hydrocolloid mask from your face or else you rink bruising yourself.

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2. All Health Advanced Fast Healing Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages

All Health hydrocolloid mask patches

The All Health advanced fast-healing extra-large hydrocolloid patches are a great option for large clusters of pimples when they are located close to one another.

They will protect your skin from becoming infected and are a great solution for breakouts as a result of hormonal acne, say on your chin or jaw area. The breakouts will gradually reduce and diminish after using the gel-rich masks.

Additional ingredients: no
Count: 4 pc
Size: 2.32 : 3.07 in


  • The bandages come with a fully water-resistant seal and offer drug-free pain relief.
  • What I personally loved about the product is that it lasts way longer than standard bandages.
  • They’re an affordable option that comes with the same quality as other, pricier alternatives.


Great overall hydrocolloid stripes, I’ve got no remarks about them.

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3. ConvaTec DuoDERM Extra Thin CGF Dressings

Convatec hydrocolloid mask patches

The ConvaTec extra thin CGF hydrocolloid masks are designed to be used on superficial, small wounds and on larger clusters of pimples.

They can stick to literally any dry surface, which makes it a perfect solution for skin that is well-cleaned and dried.

Any wounds or infected areas on the skin can be sealed off. As a result, the affected areas will be able to heal faster.

It’s a wonderful product to try for pimples and zits, especially if you’ve had your fingers on them and you’ve irritated the skin. However, it’s best to avoid putting your hands on acne and let the product suck out all the gunk, and remove the problem without any consequences like scars or marks.

Additional ingredients: no
Count: 20 pc
Size: 2 : 4 in


  • The design of the patches is extremely flexible meaning that you can put them on merely any place on the body or face, even in the hard-to-dress zones.
  • You can also cut them to size, which is quite handy.
    Removing the patch is also very easy and painless.


  • The patches could be a bit uncomfortable to wear on hot summer days. As the temperature rises, the skin starts producing more oil and the bandages could struggle to remain on the skin.
  • They’re not as sticky as other alternatives.
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4. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Chin

Hydrocolloid sheets by Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics do several shapes and sizes of hydrocolloid sheets designed for your entire face, or for specific areas of your face, to be more precise.

I like this chin extra large hydrocolloid patch as it has a nice curvy shape that can fit most parts of your face and not only the chin area.

Additional ingredients: no
Count: 10 pc
Size: 6.59 : 3.27 in


  • Soft hydrocolloid sheet with a slight curve that can fit most parts of the face.
  • It’s sticky but it’s not too hard to remove, so it won’t rip off your skin.
  • This hydrocolloid face mask has a thin and sleek design that won’t disturb you while you’re wearing it.


It’s not as sticky as other options so it’s best not to move your face too much when wearing the bandage.

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5. ZitSticka FACE MAP Extra Large Hydrocolloid Patches

Full face pimple patch mask by ZitSticka

This next hydrocolloid face mask product is a collection of several hydrocolloid sheets in different shapes and sizes.

Collectively, they are designed to cover your entire face.

However, you’re also able to use them individually in affected areas of skin.

Additional ingredients: salicylic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, tea tree oil
Count: 2 sets of 7 pc
Size: 6.73 : 4.45 in per set


  • The hydrocolloid face mask is already separated into several extra large hydrocolloid patches for convenient use on your face.
  • Enriched with invaluable skincare ingredients for acne-prone skin, this helps your skin to heal faster than your regular hydrocolloid bandages.
  • The bandages are individually sealed for better hygiene when storing the product.


Due to the active ingredients in this product, some folks can experience sensitivity to these hydrocolloids.

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6. AUSLKA Blemishes Patches

Extra large hydrocolloid patches by Auslka

These next extra large hydrocolloid patches are great for more severe breakouts in clusters as they have a large oval surface that can fit most areas of your face.

The bandages are ultra-thin and claim to be invisible on your skin. I wouldn’t go that far in the statements but they are slim enough to successfully blend with your skin.

They’re also semi-transparent so they can comfortably sit on your skin, no matter the color.

Additional ingredients: tea tree oil
Count: 44 pc
Size: 2.36 : 0.98 in


  • The tea tree oil is a gentle antiseptic that works mildly to help your zits heal faster.
  • The universal shape of the hydrocolloid patches makes them easier to fit in many areas of your face. If you want to cover larger areas, such as your forehead, it’s easy to place several bandages next to each other.
  • You get a good amount of hydrocolloid strips for the price.


These are best worn at night or when you won’t be moving your face too much, as they are larger so they can wrinkle up when you move your face.

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7. AUSLKA Large Blemish Pimple Patches XL

Full-face hydrocolloid mask by Auslka

Now, if you truly looking for extra-large hydrocolloid patches, these ones are some of the largest ones that I’ve managed to find. So much so, that you may need to cut these to fit your cheek or chin.

The acne patches are individually wrapped to improve hygiene when stored, so it’s very convenient to open up a single one for application and store the rest safely.

Additional ingredients: no
Count: 20 pc
Size: 1.37 : 2.75 in


  • Some of the best acne patches on the market for the price!
    The patches remain soft as you wear them, so they’re easy to remove once you’re done healing your pimples.
  • Great design that allows to be cut into smaller sizes of hydrocolloid bandages.


There are no active ingredients to help the skin heal faster or to target the zit. These are pure hydrocolloids.

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How to use a full-face hydrocolloid face mask

To get the most out of your hydrocolloid sheets, make sure to:

  1. Apply the hydrocolloid face mask on freshly cleaned and dry skin
  2. Avoid using any ointments and creams on your skin
  3. Cut your bandage to size
  4. Slightly lance your pimple to allow the liquid to drain
  5. Apply your hydrocolloid bandage on top and press firmly

Wear your full-face hydrocolloid mask no longer than two days before removing or replacing it with new hydrocolloid patches. This way you’ll ensure the optimal environment for your zits to heal while keeping things hygienic at the same time.

Applying the hydrocolloids in the evening will ensure that you’ll decrease any unnecessary movements to a minimum. This, in turn, will prevent the hydrocolloid sheets from wrinkling and falling off your face.

How to choose a hydrocolloid face mask?

If you’ve never used a hydrocolloid face mask before, making the right choice for yourself could be hard. There are just so many products on the market!

Some of the things that you should consider are the price, accessibility of purchasing, variety of sizes, and functionality of the product.


Check how easy it is to buy the patches you’ve set your eyes on. You want to make sure that you’ll be able to get more if you like the results.


Hydrocolloid face masks come in a wide range of prices, depending on the brand and the ingredients used. Some outstanding products on the market offer real value for money, including not only hydrocolloids but also ingredients that soothe, moisturize, and promote a faster healing process.


When it comes to sizes, hydrocolloid patches normally come in different shapes and sizes or can be cut to fit. This allows users to conveniently use them on different parts of the body, without having to worry about a thing.


Always check what the product’s function is before buying and don’t forget to look for the active ingredients used. Some ingredients may not be appropriate for your skin type and could lead to more damage than you’re already experiencing as a result of acne.

How does hydrocolloid work on acne?

Hydrocolloid patches are a popular solution on the market and they’re available in different sizes and shapes.

They work by combining the gel-forming agents with an adhesive applied to a carrier. When applied to a blemish, they create a protective seal over the area and absorb pus, oils, and fluids from pimples. They help flatten the spots more quickly and eliminate red areas and inflammation.

Not only that, but hydrocolloid masks decrease the UVB light exposure of the affected area. Scientifically speaking, these masks perform better than skin tapes.

How long can I wear hydrocolloids?

Most hydrocolloid face masks are recommended for overnight use or around six hours. However, you can keep hydrocolloid on the face for longer without having to worry about any side effects. It’s best to change the patch every two days to avoid disrupting the healing area of your skin.

Of course, it all comes down to other ingredients that the patches may contain and your personal experience wearing them.

Do hydrocolloid patches work on unpopped pimples?

Hydrocolloid bandages help to get rid of pimples without popping and squeezing them with your nails. This is a safe and effective method of extracting the zit that helps the skin heal faster.

Do hydrocolloid patches work on sebaceous filaments?

Hydrocolloid bandages are not as strong to remove the filling of your pores, so they won’t be able to extract sebaceous filaments. However, due to the sticky surface, the hydrocolloid may reduce the appearance of blackheads and sebaceous filaments and make them less prominent.

Do hydrocolloid patches work on blackheads?

Hydrocolloid bandages aren’t able to extract blackheads because the surface is not that sticky to reach deep into the pores. They can only remove the topmost layer of gunk making the blackhead less visible to the naked eye.

I’d love to get your thoughts on any of the products that I’ve included in this list or other hydrocolloid face masks that you’ve used yourself. How did they work for you? And do you have any personal anecdotes to share?

Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below.

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