Skincare is perhaps one of the most precious gifts that we can give ourselves or others.

Yes, it requires research, time, and a bit of effort, but it’s all worth it.

At the end of the day, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken measures to maintain a healthy skin condition, slow down aging, and feel at your best.

Let’s hop on to the best skincare gifts ever!

Best skincare gift sets for her

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the top gifts for skincare lovers and novices. The products I’ll introduce to you come in different price ranges – from cheap to luxury skincare. However, all of them have been specially selected because they are of outstanding quality – I myself would love to receive any of the products mentioned below.

For your convenience, I’ve marked the skincare gift sets by age and price, so use the links below to navigate to your preferred section:

Skincare gifts for teenagers

The first category of skincare gifts for her is specifically dedicated to the young. Below, I share with you some of the most outstanding ideas for skincare gifts for teenage girls.

What makes this group stand out is the likelihood of skin conditions such as acne and post-acne scarring. Moreover, the adolescent in your life probably has no deep knowledge of their skin type or skincare in general, so all skincare gift ideas for teenagers are no-brainers to use.

The following sets make a perfect gift for girls who are just getting started with skincare and are slowly developing an interest in personal care products.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm & Lip Tint Set

Burt's Bees - skincare gift set for teenagers

Lip balms and tints are all the rage amongst teenagers. A lot of people forget that lip care products are also part of skincare – the easiest and most pleasant part at that.

The Burt’s Bees balm set is the perfect way to spoil your niece or daughter with a quality range of lip care. And to be honest, the boys would enjoy the set too, especially if they already enjoy self-care products!

The set combines a conditioning lip scrub, an overnight intensive lip treatment designed to nourish chapped lips, an original beeswax lip balm, and tinted lip balms with gentle nuances of color.

What I love about this set:

  • All-in-one lip set with a range of nourishing lip products to try – all are full-size.
  • The subtle colors of the balms are unisex and appropriate for school and everyday use.
  • Burt’s Bees products are created using pure and natural ingredients and are a well-known brand that your teenager will recognize and appreciate.
  • The packaging of the set is 100% recyclable, which is always a plus, especially considering that the majority of young people pay attention to things like natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Because of the use of natural beeswax in the set, there’s a slight honey flavor that you can taste.
  • Burt’s Bees products usually get snatched like warm bread, so don’t worry if this set is not available. Check their other gift sets for good options – all their products are amazing.

Tonymoly All You Need Mask Set

Tonymoly - best skincare gifts for her

When it comes to skincare gifts for teenagers, a great sheet mask set is always a good idea.

Tonymoly bring you a lovely gift offer – the All You Need Mask Set.

As you can tell from the title, this product truly comes with everything a teenager could need to show their skin the love it deserves. It comes with the following 13 TONYMOLY face masks:

  1. I’m Lavender Sheet Mask
  2. I’m Aloe Sheet Mask
  3. I’m Honey Sheet Mask
  4. Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask
  5. I’m Pearl Sheet Mask
  6. I’m Cherry Blossom
  7. I’m Charcoal Sheet Mask
  8. I’m Lemon Eye Mask
  9. I’m Charcoal Eye Mask
  10. Master Lab Vitamin C Sheet Mask
  11. I’m Red Wine Eye Mask
  12. I’m Rose Sheet Mask
  13. Master Lab Collagen Sheet Mask

All of this costs around $25, which for most is a great price for a gift. The gift will hydrate the skin, increase elasticity, and will care for the pores. The set also includes gel eye masks.

What I love about this set:

  • I love that Tonymoly has created such a thoughtful package that combines some of their bestsellers. It comes in a pretty box, ready for gifting.
  • I also appreciate the fact that the brand is 100% cruelty-free and Peta-certified which young folks find extra appealing.
  • The package contains a mask for every skin concern, which honestly gives me all the reasons to choose it as a gift. After all, young skin can be unpredictable and requires different solutions throughout different periods.
  • I love how grabbing the packaging designs are. They’re really encouraging, motivating teenagers to create a habit of facial care.
  • It’s also worth noting the amazing deal you get with this package. A single Tonymoly sheet mask costs $3.99 each, while this package of 13 costs $25.

Things to keep in mind:
The set is frequently out of stock, so if you like this gift idea make sure to buy it for your teenager. The masks have a decently long expiration time, so you’re able to store them until needed.

Mario Badescu The Brightening Kit

Mario Badescu - skincare gifts for teenage girl

Next up, let’s take a dive into the Mario Badescu Brightening Kit. It’s a slightly more expensive option than the previous two suggestions. At the same time, it’s a great gift for teenagers who are just starting out with their skincare habits or are looking for quicker results.

This five-piece set offers the essentials for eliminating acne scars and tackling hyperpigmentation. It’s infused with powerful alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and other skin-brightening ingredients.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can get from this gift box:

  • Glycolic foaming cleanser – exfoliates the skin, but also brightens and retexturizes;
  • Alpha grapefruit cleansing lotion – a rejuvenating toner infused with lemon and grapefruit;
  • Vitamin C serum – a light but efficient serum that makes the skin look even more youthful and luminous;
  • Whitening mask – a powerful brightening mask that tackles all problems related to uneven skin tone;
  • Glycolic skin renewal complex – a face cream that also tackles uneven skin tone and perfects the texture;

What I love about this set:

  • The set offers an effective and full skincare routine for a teenager or an adolescent – everything they need from cleaning to proper care.
  • You only need a pea-sized amount, no matter which pieces from the set you’re using. This made me feel more comfortable with the small product size.
  • Speaking of size, the products in the kit are ideal for traveling due to their compact size.
  • I loved how efficient the cleanser is for removing even the most stubborn makeup from the skin.
  • I personally feel like this is a great deal as you only have to pay around $38 for a set that contains 5 great products.
  • It’s also a plus that it’s suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin included. However, keep in mind that the products contain a fair amount of alcohol, so if you have excessively sensitive skin you may need to use it with caution.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Although the kit is amazing overall, a drawback for me is that it doesn’t contain a good moisturizer with SPF or another sun protectant. Your teenager will need to use a separate product to cover that need.
  • Advise your loved one to read the instructions thoroughly and follow them well. The products in the set are potent and can cause irritation if used incorrectly.

KORRES Basil Lemon Body Bundle

For teenagers who love new and exciting scents, the KORRES basil lemon body bundle will be a real treat.

This set comes with an elastic-smooth basil lemon body butter and a basil lemon renewing body cleanser. The body butter deeply softens the skin and boosts elasticity thanks to shea butter.

The body cleanser, on the other hand, combines activated aloe extract, wheat proteins, and marshmallow root to hydrate the skin and enable it to lock in moisture.

Here, you can count on natural ingredients, the attention falls on nature and botanicals and the gifts they have for our skin.

What I love about this set:

  • I love the fact that you get a reasonable amount of product, considering that the body butter comes in a package of 125 ml or 4.23 oz, while the body cleanser is in a bottle of 8.45 oz or 250 ml.
  • I also appreciate the brand’s approach to creating skincare products. They have a zero waste policy, focus on green products, and are completely cruelty-free.
  • The smell is absolutely terrific! You can sense a bit of coconut and vanilla in the lemon mix.
  • A small amount goes a long way, meaning that you can comfortably use this bundle for a long time.
  • I found the moisturizing capabilities of the body butter to be great. You don’t really need any other hydration if you’re using this product.

Things to keep in mind:
If you’re looking for something that will leave behind a strong scent throughout the whole day, you’re likely to be a bit disappointed. This set has a gentle scent that lasts only upon application and quickly vanishes in the air after.

Best skincare gifts for women over 20, any skin type

Next up, I’ve selected a few outstanding gifts for skincare lovers that are particularly suitable for females aged over 20 years old.

These suggestions are appropriate for all skin types and can be used by pretty much anyone.

Here are some of the suggestions I have if you’re looking to surprise a friend, mother, or special woman in your life with an excellent skincare gift for her.

The Ordinary The No-Brainer Set

The Ordinary skincare gift set for her

The Ordinary’s one of the best-known brands in the skincare space. I love the name and it’s exactly what you’re getting with this skincare gift set.

The set combines some of the most popular selections from the brand and consists of three products – “Buffet”, Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, and Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion.

Priced at around $30, this is definitely great value for your money.

The set is suitable for all skin types – evens out the skin tone, subdues crow’s feet and textural imperfections, and vividly reduces the signs of aging.

The products featured here also give powerful hydration and leave the skin well-moisturized.

What I love about this set:

  • The set is perfectly designed to target different signs of aging which is why I put it in this age category.
  • The Granactive Retinoid emulsion encourages the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin look younger, and is one of the few retinol products that I would recommend to anyone.
  • The products are full-sized, so your loved one can get the full experience by using them for a long time. These last me for three to six months of consistent use.
  • The Ordinary is known for its no-brainer, straightforward formulations, so this set is sure to put a smile on the face of any skincare enthusiast.

Things to keep in mind:
Because of its popularity, this set is frequently out of stock, so make sure to grab one while you can. If this is unavailable, check The Balance Set which is just as awesome.

Tatcha The Starter Ritual Set

Tatcha Ritual skincare gift set for her

If you truly want to pamper the woman in your life with an outstanding skincare gift set for her, then Tatcha is your go-to.

Perhaps the first thing that will grab your attention with the Tatcha Starter Ritual Set is that it’s a bit more expensive. However, I assure you that whoever gets this, will fully enjoy the returns from your investment.

The brand is well-known for its high-end cosmetic solutions but this skincare set includes some of its top bestsellers and makes them affordable even for those with a limited budget.

This gift idea consists of five high-quality products:

  • Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil – 50ml | 1.7 fl oz,
  • Rice Polish: Deep – 10 g | 0.3 oz,
  • The Essence – 25ml | 0.8 fl oz,
  • The Water Cream – 10ml | 0.3 fl oz,
  • The Silk Peony – 3ml | 0.1 fl oz.

The combo is the perfect solution for combination to oily skin and works towards tightening pores via the use of a Japanese wild rose extract.

It’s ideal for a two-week consistent introductory routine to balance out the skin.

What I love about this set:

  • Used together, the set works wonders in reducing excess oil and protects the natural skin barrier.
  • The cleanser successfully removes all dirt accumulations, even waterproof makeup, so it can be used as both the 1st and the 2nd step in the cleansing.
  • The exfoliant is water-activated, creamy, and extremely nourishing – a tiny amount is enough, so if you use it weekly, it can last you up to a month.
  • The set’s moisturizer is oil-free and anti-aging and is loved by everyone I’ve ever gifted it to.
  • Tatcha’s products are fragrance-free and cruelty-free.

Things to keep in mind:
It’s worth noting that the products in the set come in travel sizes and are purely meant for an introduction to the brand. At the same time, you don’t need much product quantity to achieve the desired results, so even this small set can last for about a month and a half or more, depending on how often you use them.

Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Skincare Kit

Glow Recipe gifts for her skincare

The Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Skincare Set is another brilliant choice for a gift for a skincare lover.

It’s a combo of five different effective and fun bestsellers, including the viral Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops and Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner!

The full set includes:

  • Watermelon Pore Tight Toner 20 ml
  • Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask 5ml
  • Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops 10ml
  • Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum 10ml
  • Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer 15ml

It’s basically a way to test some of the best products by Glow Recipe and get to know the capabilities of the brand. The products contain actives like PHA, BHA, retinol, and hyaluronic acid, which work wonders when it comes to reducing signs of aging – a goal that every twenty-something female probably has.

What I love about this set:

  • Glow Recipe is one of the pricier brands and this set is an excellent way to get a taste of some of its renowned products.
  • I love gifting this set in particular because the products are versatile and fun to use. The packaging is to die for and the products are a true pleasure to use.
  • The brand is very conscious of the environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing of skincare products and packaging, so they use 100% recyclable materials.
  • The products in the set don’t contain any parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, drying alcohols, or dye, and they’re not tested on animals.

Things to keep in mind:
Like a lot of other skincare gift sets, this Glow Recipe kit has products in a travel size, so it’s more suitable for sampling the products.

Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me Complete Brightening Morning Skincare Set

Sunday Riley - skincare gift set for her

One of my first recommendations for a skincare gift for a skincare lover who’s over 20 is the Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me Complete Brightening Morning Skincare Set (that’s a mouthful, I know).

In short, this rich gift set contains seven high-quality products that when used together turn into a complete skincare collection that cleanses, exfoliates, firms, brightens, hydrates, boosts radiance, depuffs, rejuvenates, and protects.

It’s perfect for the AM skin routine and preps you for the day.

I’d say that this gift is ideal for those who are brand new to skincare as it offers every product you need in your routine. You don’t have to do the digging, all you have to do is use the products in the right sequence.

For experienced people, the set offers some of the best-sellers of the brand – products that are well-appreciated in the skincare community.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Pink Drink – a mist that acts as a resurfacing essence;
  • C.E.O. Glow – vitamin C + turmeric face oil;
  • Auto Correct – a depuffing product that is designed for around the eye area;
  • Ceramic Slip – a powerful, plant-based cleanser that extracts all impurities;
  • C.E.O. Serum – a vitamin C-infused serum that brightens the skin;
  • Good Genes – an exfoliant that clears the skin, improves radiance, brightens dark spots, and gives a youthful look;
  • Light Hearted – an SPF 30 cream to protect you from sun damage.

What I love about this set:

  • I’d like to start with the price – when purchased as a kit, the product costs $95. If you choose to purchase all of the added products separately, you’ll end up paying around $177. Yes, here you have travel-sized bottles but the products last a long time and are a good introduction to the brand at a lower cost.
  • Altogether, the ingredients that you get in this large combo pack are outstanding. They include peptides, ceramides, vitamin C, turmeric root extract, caffeine, green clay, bentonite, lactic acid, and more. You get all of these in a single gift for your skincare lover.
  • The packaging is lovely, it feels luxurious, and above everything else – brings value to the skin.
  • I love the fact that there’s a separate SPF product in the kit, truly completing a whole skincare routine.

Things to keep in mind:
Although you get a good deal when you compare the costs for purchasing the products separately as opposed to as a pack, it’s still a pricey gift. There are cheaper options further down my list.

NeoGen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads

NeoGen - gifts for her skincare

The NeoGen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads are another one of my favorites, especially if you’re looking for a gift for someone with dry or acne-prone skin.

This bundle comes with three best-selling peel pads – gauze peeling lemon, green tea, and wine.

The pads are formulated with AHA, BHA, and PHA, which offer deep yet gentle exfoliation. They are designed to make the skin firmer, tighter, healthier, and glowier. The hyaluronic acid in the pads enables them to hydrate and plump the skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

The pads are a great addition to any acne-treating routine and can be used several times a week for the best results.

What I love about this set:

  • This set includes 3 boxes of 8 peel pads for a total of 28 treatments. The pads are well-made, well-saturated in essence, and a great value for money.
  • Your skincare lover will notice the first results after four uses, or two weeks of consistent use – the pads lighten up acne scars and other pigmentation, buffer the skin’s surface for a smooth finish, and clear out clogged pores.
  • The peel pads are suitable for all skin types. In other words, you can’t go wrong by giving it to someone with oily, combo, dry, or sensitive skin.
  • I love the fact that the pads are individually wrapped, which makes them super convenient to travel with – just two pads cover all your exfoliation needs for a week.

Things to keep in mind:
I have nothing bad to say about this gift idea. I’ve been using and gifting these pads for years and everyone seems to be happy about them.

Pevonia Rosacea Skincare Solution Kit

Pevonia - best skincare gifts for her

Next up is the Pevonia Rosacea Skincare Solution Kit. Winner of a number of awards, like the 2020 DaySpa Professional Choice Awards and the 2020 Beauty Bible Awards, this redness b-gone trial kit is ideal if you’re looking for a gift for a skincare enthusiast or beginner.

Designed for hypersensitive skin, the kit comes with the RS2 cleanser, lotion, and cream – all of the must-haves for managing excessive sensitivity, redness, and rosacea.

It visibly minimizes redness, soothes irritations, and overall relieves rosacea-based symptoms.

The kit contains a ligne rose, which offers instant healing capabilities and relives, repairs, and hydrates the skin.

Other powerful ingredients from the mix include chamomile (which has flavonoid and essential oil which are ideal for sensitive skin), camellia (reduces inflammation), allantoin (prevents irritation), and rose gallica extract (calms the skin).

What I love about this set:

  • The products in the kit are truly effective when it comes to alleviating any signs of redness and irritation. A small amount of product is just enough to do the job.
  • It’s also nice that the cleanser is a cream cleanser, just like the majority of high-end sensitive cleansing products.
  • This kit is ideal for travel as it’s compact yet contains everything needed for the basics of your routine.
  • The lotion comes in the form of a spray which feels quite nice on the skin. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging the pores.

Things to keep in mind:
The kit features products in a travel size – three products, 7.5 oz in total. If your skincare lover ends up enjoying this set, they can purchase the full-sized products from the brand.

Noodle & Boo Prenatal Essential Daily Body Care Kit

Noodle Boo - skincare gift set for women

Considering purchasing a body care kit for a skincare lover who’s going through pregnancy or has recently given birth? The Noodle & Boo Prenatal essential Daily Body Care Kit is one of my top choices.

Here you’ll find an elasticity oil that boosts the skin resilience and restoration processes, a perfecting cream that helps deal with stretch marks, and a restorative leg & foot balm that relieves discomfort during pregnancy.

This is a luxurious set that is designed to treat a mama-to-be throughout the most exciting journeys of a lifetime.

You can count on ingredients that offer outstanding results, like cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin C, shea butter, vitamin E, and more. As a result, all stretch marks are prevented or reduced, and the skin feels elastic, healthy, strong, and supported.

What I love about this set:

  • I love that the pieces of this kit are all hypoallergenic and formulated with wholesome ingredients that are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • One of the reasons why I strongly recommend this set is because it doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PPGs, or dyes, making it ideal for pregnancy.
  • I also appreciate the fact that the products are cruelty-free.
  • Pregnant women who have used the products religiously throughout pregnancy share in the reviews that there are no signs of stretch marks at the 34th week of pregnancy.
  • I also love the fact that the product has a very mild scent, which is gentle and doesn’t cause any discomfort yet still feels pampering.

Things to keep in mind:
Perhaps the only potential drawback of this kit is the price. It costs around $70, which is more than other similar sets you can find.

KORRES Grecian Glow Skincare Rituals

Korres - skincare gift for skincare lovers

The next set that I’d like to mention will transport the person using it to the Greek shores (mentally, of course), and will make them feel like they’re on a luxurious vacation.

The products in this KORRES kit are designed to transform your skin, leaving it glowy, healthy, and soft.

The set contains some of the brand’s bestsellers and comes with a full-size Greek yogurt foaming cream cleanser, the wild rose brightening sleeping facial, and the Santorini grape velvet skin drink. These products form a nice, pampering base for any skincare routine.

What I love about this set:

  • One of the perks of this selection is the fact that products are full-sized. Each one is sure to last for at least a couple of months.
  • The scent is another wonderful property here – it’s only slight but certainly makes a difference in the user experience. I feel pampered like in a spa.
  • The brand did an amazing job with the individual packaging and the gift box that they’ve put this selection of products in. It feels very luxurious and expensive. The bottles sit well in the bathroom and the sight of them pleases me. It’s a minor detail but one I find important when gifting – the presumable quality of a product.
  • The actual products in this kit are also very well made. People share great feedback in the reviews and many get compliments on how their skin looks after using the set. I personally can’t vouch for that as I never used them myself but my sister was very happy with the set when I gifted it to her.

Things to keep in mind:
Unfortunately, this is one of those products that quickly go out of stock.

Skincare gift sets for mature skin

Are you asking yourself if skincare is a good gift for people with mature skin?


The more mature the skin becomes, the more skincare becomes a necessity. Here are my recommendations for skincare gifts for mature women aged 40 and older, who have aging skin and would love to receive a skincare gift that will help them battle the signs of aging.

StriVectin Power Starters Tighten & Lift Trio

Strivectin - skincare gift for mature skin

When it comes to skincare gifts for women with mature skin, one of the best sets I’d recommend is the StriVectin Power Starters Tighten & Lift Trio. This kit comes with essentials for the face, eye, and neck zones. You’ll be pampering a loved one with a tightening eye serum, a tightening and brightening face serum, and a tightening neck complex.

The products contain niacinamide, and vitamin B3, offering a full-size, complete skincare routine for aged skin.

The ultra-hydrating ingredients in the mix give this set a great user experience and help to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Continuously using the set in a routine will help those with mature skin enjoy skin restoration, improvement in the complexion, and reduced sagging.

What I love about this set:

  • The eye serum in this set comes with a convenient cooling applicator. It’s so easy to use for massaging the eye area to help with depuffing and it feels so relaxing and refreshing!
  • The scent of this set is amazing. It’s gentle and won’t bother your loved one.
  • This kit is suitable for all skin types. If you’re choosing skincare products as a gift for someone else, this is one of the most important things to consider (unless you know the specific skin type of the person).
  • This is a perfect kit for both A.M. and P.M. routines, which means that you don’t have to worry about choosing another set to complement it.

Things to keep in mind:

The kit comes at a steep price of around $90 and is only worth it as a gift to someone else. I wouldn’t buy this for myself but have purchased it in the past for my mother-in-law.

Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit

Juice Beauty - skincare gift set for her

Another amazing gift idea for a woman whose goal is to age gracefully is the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkles Solutions kit. It has the following three essentials in a travel-sized format:

  • Booster Serum (0.5 oz or 15 ml);
  • Moisturizer (0.5 oz or 15 ml);
  • Eye Treatment (0.25 oz or 7 ml);

Used together, the products minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the brand’s powerful anti-wrinkles formulas. The set is rich in hydrating agents and can also improve luminosity and skin tone.

What I love about this set:

  • I love the presence of organic botanical gems here, including aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, and citrus juices.
  • The products don’t have excessive filler ingredients and rely on a cocktail of nutrients and antioxidants.
  • I’m also pleased with the clever choice of additional ingredients that are ideal for mature skin, like resveratrol and shea butter. They help soften the skin and promote elasticity.
  • Though in travel sizes, a small amount of product is all you need. The set is ought to last for a month of consistent use.
  • The set smells wonderful, with slight citrus notes.
  • People with dry, sensitive skin report that the products get along well with their skin. The set is non-irritating and great for sensitive folks.

Things to keep in mind:

Honestly, the fact that this is a travel-sized set is the only drawback. I would love to have the same but a full-sized set of products, as these ones work great!

StriVectin Power Starters Anti-Wrinkle Trio

Strivectin - skincare gift set for skincare lover

I already introduced you to the StriVectin brand earlier, but there’s another set that I’d like to share. The Power Starters Anti-Wrinkle Trio is another lovely skincare gift set for mature skin.

Here you’ll find a line-transforming melting serum, an intense moisturizing concentrate, and an intensive eye concentrate for wrinkles – all three perfect for more mature and dry skin.

The pack effectively diminishes deep lines and wrinkles and reduces their appearance. The eye concentrate improves crow’s feet, “eleven lines”, and under-eye puffiness, while the advanced moisturizing concentrate makes the skin feel smooth and improves texture. Overall, the kit stimulates the production of collagen and makes the skin look younger and healthier.

The products are formulated with the brand’s patented NIA-114, which is an advanced form of niacin (a protective substance that can shield the skin from the sun).

What I love about this set:

  • One of the first perks of this product set is that it’s ideal for more dry, mature skin types, which is ideal if you’re looking for a more tailored gift.
  • The products only take between five days and two weeks to show the first results. As with the previous set, a small amount goes a long way, so the fact that the size of the bottles is small shouldn’t bother you.
  • The brand, and these products in particular, have a cult following – people seem to really love these.
  • With this set, it’s definitely true that you get what you pay for. Although on the pricier end, the products truly work and give a pleasant experience.

Things to keep in mind:

This set is on the pricier end and is also one that will be enjoyed more by skincare lovers aged over 45 years. Younger folks can enjoy this set in their evening routines, as it’s a bit on the heavier side.

Universal skincare gift sets

The following universal skincare gifts are appropriate to give to anyone.

I’ve includes products that are all-around safe bets to gift if you don’t want to risk it with skincare or if you’re just unsure what skincare is a good gift.

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Mini Kit

St. Tropez - gift for her skincare

For those of you looking for a universal skincare gift idea, know that any skincare lover will enjoy a good alternative to a natural tan. The sun ages our skin faster than anything else. This is why self-tan kits are a great skincare gift to give.

The St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Mini Kit is a great option at a good price. The brand is known for its quality sun care products and fake tan solutions that look natural on the skin while not being too much of a hassle to use.

This kit in particular comes with a clean water tanning mouse and face mist, so it’s designed to give the entire body (and your face) a natural-looking, sun-kissed look.

What I love about this set:

  • This kit gives instant, natural-looking results with no orange undertones. Your skincare lover will see results after the first application, and the mini kit has about 5-6 of them in total.
  • There is a reason this kit is so loved by the public – it’s super convenient to use, achieves great results, doesn’t transfer on your clothes, and is cost-effective.
  • The size of this kit allows it for easy traveling. It’s super convenient to grab it and go.
  • I appreciate the fact that the kit is also suitable for light skin tones. You won’t look orange, just sun-kissed.

Things to keep in mind:
Ultra-pale folks will find this to be too orange for them.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream + Bum Bum Body Scrub

Sol De Janeiro - gift to someone who loves skincare

Next up, I have a set of body care which can put a smile on any face, no matter how new or experienced they are in skin care.

This full-size soothing and tightening bundle comes in a pack of two products – the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream with all-powerful guarana extract and a Bum Bum Body Scrub with ultra-fine sugar crystals and crushed cupuacu seeds.

Sol De Janeiro products are best-sellers, social media favorites, and a TikTok sensation – any skincare lover will enjoy a gift like this.

What I love about this set:

  • I love how luxurious this bundle looks and feels – no wonder that skinthusiasts from all around the world swear by these. I fell in love with it from the moment I smelled the cream and the scrub. The body butter has a delicious scent of pistachio and salted caramel.
  • My love for the bundle increased with its use – the skin felt silky and smooth immediately after application. I also love that the product absorbs very well and doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling, like other heavier lotions.
  • Another reason why I recommend this bundle so often is that it contains valuable ingredients that help support the skin. These include guarana, cupuacu butter, acai oil, coconut oil, and others.
  • The products are cruelty-free, vegan, soy-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, free from artificial colorants, phthalate-free, paraben-free, talc-free mineral oil-free, nut-free, and PEGs-free.
  • The body scrub features the iconic and best-loved Cheirosa ’62 fragrance which has so many people going crazy about this brand.

Things to keep in mind:

Although I love this bundle, the price point is something to consider. The product costs $90 for two products. Despite the full size, this could be too steep for some.

Murad Cleanse and Brighten Value Set

Murad - skincare as a good gift

Another must-consider skincare gift set for her is the Murad Cleanse and Brighten Value Set. It comes with two best-sellers – a vitamin C cleanser and a vitamin C glycolic brightening serum.

The products are ideal for all skin types and ages and they’re a great gift for any skincare lover.

Murad is a well-known brand in the skincare space. Their products are widely loved and a staple for many.

What I love about this set:

  • I love how gentle the cleanser’s foam is. It truly works great in terms of removing pollution and impurities from the skin. It’s also packed with vitamin-rich beads that dissolve on your skin to deliver powerful antioxidants. The cleanser is also rich in allantoin and panthenol, which soften and soothe the skin.
  • The brightening serum is very luxurious and packed with gold-stabilized vitamin C, which enhances L-ascorbic acid stability and its ability to brighten the skin.
  • The set is fragrance-free – a must for many skincare lovers, especially those with sensitive skin.
  • This set features full-sized products that can last for up to several months of consistent use. I would recommend them for a morning routine, but nothing is stopping you from using the set 24/7.

Things to keep in mind:

Since the products are well-loved and at a lower-than-usual price, it’s only normal for the set to be out of stock. Do check the rest of Murad’s gift sets, there might be other suitable options if this one is gone.

Tan Towel Endless Tan Self-Tanning Kit

Tan Towel - skincare set to gift

Another great suggestion I have for you if you’re looking to find the perfect gift for a skincare lover is the Tan Towel Endless Tan Self-Tanning Kit.

The kit features Tan Towel’s classic self-tanning towelettes and a clear liquid tanning mist that can be used as a towelette refill. This set gives a natural glow for a healthy-looking tan.

This set is one of the very few favorites of the self-tan community, so you won’t go wrong with it.

What I love about this set:

  • I love the formulation of this product, which works with every user’s own proteins and amino acids in the skin to achieve a gorgeous-looking tan.
  • People with keratosis pilaris report that the set helps to hide the nasty dots on their legs and arms and that this is a go-to product for them throughout the year.
  • The tanning effect is extremely natural, without the orange shades and the streaking that is expected from most self-tanning products.
  • I appreciate how easy it is to use this set. You don’t have to be experienced with self-tanning to enjoy wonderful results and best of all – the tan is nice, even, and lasts for a long.
  • I can’t miss mentioning the price too, which is outstanding for the value you’re receiving. The kit only costs around $20 and can last for anywhere between 4 and 6 applications.
  • The set is easy to travel with as each towelette is individually packed – grab the amount you need and go.

Things to keep in mind:

There is a slight smell that you can sense on the skin upon the initial application – nothing overbearing though.

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap Bar 3-Piece Set

Beekman - best skincare gift idea

When it comes to surprising someone with a skincare gift, a high-quality soap set will never fail you as its one of the most universal things that most people overlook.

The Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap Bar 3-piece set is one of the must-consider ideas on this list.

These luxurious-looking soaps nourish the skin, moisturize, and hydrate. They are formulated with goat milk, which is rich in lactic acid (a natural exfoliant) and has the same pH as your skin. The soaps, therefore, maintain a well-balanced microbiome and don’t dry out the skin.

What I love about this set:

  • The creamy vanilla fragrance mixed with cedarwood and patchouli is absolutely amazing – this in itself is enough to make me repurchase the set for me or as a gift to others.
  • The soap formula is free of toxins and aggressive ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors, abrasive exfoliant particles, and microplastics.
  • Overall, for me, this bar set is a wonderful way to pamper a friend with a luxurious, therapeutic skincare experience.

Things to keep in mind:

The set is awesome! I have nothing bad to say about it.

Best skincare tools & accessories to gift

Skincare sets are not the only presents you can gift to your loved ones.

There is a multitude of amazing tools and gadgets that will put a smile on someone’s face.

Here are my top recommendations for skincare tools and accessories for her. These selections can be used by anyone, no matter the skin type, age, color, or other factors.

I’ve also included cheaper alternatives to the bestsellers to give you an option in case you’re on a budget.

However, if you truly want to pamper and spoil somebody, splurging for the expensive options that they wouldn’t otherwise buy for themselves is a good strategy.

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Signature Oil Kit

Skin Gym - gift for her skincare

When it comes to skincare accessories, it’s difficult to miss out on one of the most popular tools in any skincare lover’s arsenal – the gua sha face massage crystal.

Skin Gym’s rose quartz gua sha with and its accompanying oil is a lovely, well-packaged gift for any woman, regardless of their age. The pink packaging and the pink color of the products make this a very feminine and stylish gift for anyone to appreciate.

Best of all, the perfect combo of gua sha with rose oil is pretty much everything you could possibly need to enjoy glowing skin, enhanced facial features, and more.

What I love about this set:

  • I love the choice of oil for the kit as it nourishes the skin and makes the use of the gua sha much more easier and effective. It contains jojoba (rich in B-complex and Vitamin E, which soothe and moisturize), rosehip (comes with Omega 3, 6, 9 and antioxidants), hazelnut (rich in oleic acid, Omega 6, and Vitamin E), and apricot seed (vitamin A+E).
  • The heart shape of the gua sha makes it easy to use and handle, even for newbies in the skincare space who don’t have much experience with this tool.
  • I like the fact that you can use the gua sha on both small and large facial areas with the same convenience. The shape is classic – you can find many videos online on how exactly to use this gua sha shape.
  • The choice of rose quartz is also very strategic, as it’s the ultimate beauty crystal that is connected to the heart chakra or the energy center of love. How fitting if you want to gift this to show your love and appreciation.
  • The kit helps to sculpt the face, lift its features, and make the cheekbone area more prominent while relaxing your face muscles and de-stressing them.

Things to keep in mind:

This set has a higher price point than similar sets out there, but the quality is definitely on the higher end too. You get what you pay for with this one.

AstroAI Mini Fridge – cheaper option

AstroAI - present for people into skincare

If you’re interested in an alternative that is half the money and offers similar results, you can check out the AstroAI mini fridge.

As the name suggests, it doesn’t provide as much space as the previous option and only has a 4-liter capacity. It’s much more compact and is not specifically marketed for skincare products but can be used for cosmetics too.

What I love about it:

  • This fridge is extremely affordable and it’s the best option for around $50.
  • The mini size makes it portable and easy to move and transfer from place to place.
  • You can use it for other purposes too, like storing breast milk or drinks.
  • The shelves are all removable, which makes them easy to clean.
  • The product is CE, FCC, ETL, and RoHS certified, giving users extra peace of mind.

Things to keep in mind:
It’s important to note that the fridge can cool up to 32-40°F (18-22℃) below ambient temperature and heat up to 150°F (66°C).

LED Face & Neck Mask for Light Therapy – expensive option

LED mask - skincare gifts

Another way to surprise her with a special gift that will contribute to her skincare routine is with LED face mask for light therapy.

This advanced and innovative technology is a salon-level product, which uses natural light waves transmitted by LEDs into the skin. LED light is proven to help with certain skin conditions, slow down again by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lock in hydration, reduce pore size, and help fight acne and scarring.

This mask’s LED emits 7 colors of light, to achieve different results, like increasing blood circulation, improving pigmentation, and others.

What I love about it:

  • This mask has addition for the neck, which is truly helpful to battle skin concerns in all affected areas.
    It’s made of high-quality materials and will last you for years.
  • It’s safe to use on the face and neck and there are no risks of side effects.
  • The light therapy LED face mask is suitable for all skin types, ages, and colors.

Things to keep in mind:

  • LED therapy is not recommended for people with eye conditions or thyroid conditions.
  • The mask contains 192 lamp beads instead of the traditional 150, which makes it a bit heavier than other products on the market. However, it’s nothing to worry about.
  • The original price of the product is around $200 but the seller also releases discounts from time to time, so best of luck for you to snatch the deal!

CUZEP Anti Wrinkle Pillow – cheaper option

Anti-wrinkle pillow - skincare gift

If you’re looking for a more affordable version of an advanced and highly protective pillow, you can choose the CUZEP anti-wrinkle pillow to make her special day even more unforgettable.

No matter whether you’re choosing it for your mom, girlfriend, wife, or friend – this is a budget-friendly gift for skincare lovers.

The CUZEP pillow is ideal for people who sleep on their stomachs. Its special U-shaped design reduces facial fine lines, eliminates puffiness, and slows down skin aging. The product is delivered with a silk pillow and a white pillowcase.

What I love about it:

  • I have no personal experience with this specific pillow, but other people share that they absolutely love how adjustable it is thanks to the memory foam spread across three different areas. You can make it thicker in some parts and adjust it to fit your preferences.
  • The pillow cover is gentle on the skin, breathable, and detachable for easy maintenance.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that no toxic materials are used for the creation process and the product is OEKO-TEX-certified.
  • The packaging is outstanding and a perfect cherry on top of this gift idea.

Things to keep in mind:
If you’re picking out a gift for a side sleeper, I’d recommend choosing a different present or opting for the more expensive pillow above. There’s not much difference between this pillow and a standard contoured one for someone who sleeps on their sides.

Laduora 5-in-1 Dual Color Facial Wand – cheaper option

Face Wand - best skincare present for her

My alternative to the pricey NuFace is the Laduora 5-in-1 dual-color facial wand.

This is another great microcurrent facial device that prevents signs of aging and is considered an advanced skincare tool. In fact, this device combines microcurrents, light therapy, sonic vibration, and facial warming massage all into one single device.

The set comes with a watermelon gelato light, enhancing serum, infused with watermelon extract, niacinamide, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, offering a boost to your microcurrent treatments.

What I love about it:

  • How multi-functional it is – unlike the NuFace, this tool combines several different therapies at your fingertips.
  • Travel-friendly because of the small size – you can put it in your purse and go with it everywhere. It’s easy and quick to charge too!
  • It gives a pro-level facial without visiting a professional salon or studio.

Things to keep in mind:

  • As with the NuFace, you’re not obligated to use the brand’s skincare serum once it’s over – you can just use your regular serums.
  • Keep in mind that this tiny device is not as capable to deliver the ultimate microcurrent experience as the NuFace is. It’s still good, but not as good as the NuFace.

UV Sunscreen Mirror

Uv mirror - best skincare gift for her

If you have an obsessed skincare lover in your friends’ circle or your family, the UV sunscreen mirror is the ultimate gift. Period.

Only a true skincare enthusiast will fully appreciate the capabilities of this item.

The UV sunscreen camera is designed to show you the amount and the placement of sunscreen that you have on your skin at the time of using the mirror. The goal is to help you see areas that you’ve missed and have been left unprotected, or are not covered sufficiently.

And every skincare lover knows how important it is to apply sunscreen well, everywhere, and daily.

What I love about it:

  • The UV mirror is portable and very convenient to use anytime, anywhere. It easily fits in a handbag and it is super lightweight.
  • Apart from revealing how well you’ve applied sunscreen, the UV mirror will also show you whether you’ve successfully removed all makeup from the skin and will show you any skin imperfections such as sun damage.
  • It’s double-sided and comes with a 2X magnification mirror with adjustable light – you can control how bright the picture is.

Things to keep in mind:
Unfortunately, the technology in this is not as advanced yet, so the product can’t be used effectively by people with dark skin.

MIUOPUR Makeup Organizer for Vanity

Organizer for skincare - best gifts for her

Another amazing gift for skincare lovers with tons of products and accessories is the MIUOPUR makeup organizer for Vanity – a cheaper organizer, but equally as useful.

It’s perfect for the desk or vanity and has a sleek design with several drawers, to keep all your skincare goodies in.

What I love about it:

  • The drawers have cute silicone handles and the entire design of this organizer is super sleek, with rounded edges.
  • I love that it will protect your products from dirt and dust – less cleaning = more happiness (at least in my books :D)

Things to keep in mind:
Just like with any other organizer, keep in mind that it will be empty when delivered. Why not spice things up and add a few travel-sized skincare items or makeup for a nice surprize?

Wrap up

I hope that you’ll find this list helpful and useful for the next special occasion when you need a gift for your skincare lover.

The good news is that the skincare world is so diverse and rich that it’s almost impossible to be stuck without ideas.

Have I missed something on my list, in your opinion? Is there something I can add to improve it further?

Don’t hesitate to leave your honest feedback in the comments – I answer every single one.

I’d also love to learn more about your experiences with finding skincare gifts! Where do you look for? Who do you ask? Just let me know below.

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