I’ve been writing a lot about CeraVe products lately.

From the brand’s diverse catalog of products, one of the most popular ones is the CeraVe AM moisturizer.

As the name suggests, it’s specifically designed to offer hydration and protect your skin during the day.

However, a lot of people have expressed interest in finding out whether you can use the CeraVe AM moisturizer at night as well.

Why’s that?

Well, perhaps the cream offers everything you could possibly want. Or maybe you don’t want to spend any more money on a night cream and you’d rather use your AM moisturizer in the evening as well. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of unwillingness to experiment with new products.

Whatever the reason, I’m here to answer a popular question – whether can you use the CeraVe AM moisturizer at night. The answer is – you shouldn’t.

I’m explaining why, below.

Can you use CeraVe AM moisturizer at night?

Of course, you can put anything you want on your face, so you can totally use the CeraVe AM moisturizer for your evening routine too. But I advise against this practice.

Instead, I would recommend finding a separate product designed specifically for night use (and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive or too fancy).


The main reason why I wouldn’t recommend using the CeraVe AM moisturizer at night is that it contains SPF ingredients. Products that provide sun protection are usually more complicated and provide an extra layer of skin shielding.

As such, they shouldn’t be wasted during the night as they won’t really be exploited to their fullest potential.

Furthermore, it’s nice to give the skin a rest from SPF-rich products at least during the night.

This is one of the reasons why it’s advisable to carefully cleanse the face before going to bed and apply a cream that is free from SPF ingredients. This way, extra oxygen will be delivered to your face, enabling the skin to have additional time to rejuvenate itself and restore its elastin and collagen levels.

Lastly, throughout the night, the skin needs a pampering and thick moisturizer as it requires an extra layer of hydration during your sleep.

This is why it’s better to rely on a night cream which is essentially a heavier, more occlusive moisturizer.

When it comes to choosing a night cream, there is a range of alternatives to the CeraVe AM moisturizer that are more affordable and efficient. And no, it doesn’t need to be specifically labeled as a night cream, you just need a thicker moisturizer.

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe PM - should you use CeraVe AM at night?

If you’re loving the CeraVe AM face cream, chances are you’ll love its PM alternative as well.

It costs around USD $16 for a 3 oz. tube (89ml)

This moisturizer is designed for night use and has an oil-free formula which makes it perfect for all skin types as it’s not heavy.

It comes at a similar price and quantity to the AM version and consists of nearly identical ingredients, which are symbolic of the brand – ceramides (Ceramide NP, AP, and EOP) and niacinamide.

Niacinamide is a popular, multi-functional superstar skincare ingredient that provides anti-aging properties, smoothes the skin, and corrects skin tone and texture. On the other hand, ceramides strengthen the skin cells, protect the skin barrier, and hydrate the skin.

In addition, the PM cream by CeraVe also contains hyaluronic acid for an extra layer of hydration.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Cetaphil - should you apply CeraVe AM in the evening?

The second suggestion I have for you is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, which is priced at around USD $17 for a bottle of nearly 20 fl oz (600ml).

It’s suitable for all skin types and can be used for the whole body, not just the face. The product is quickly absorbed, doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue, and has a lightweight texture. It’s extremely hydrating and doesn’t contain any parabens or fragrances.

This lotion’s ingredient list includes six powerful moisturizers and key essentials like vitamin E and provitamin B5 (panthenol). Just like CeraVe’s products, it also has niacinamide and contains glycerin for extra moisturizing properties.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is Available on Amazon and Feelunique.

If you’re looking for a real upgrade to your skincare routine, you can always try a moisturizer that is much more advanced and high-end, offering a range of different functions and providing beneficial ingredients.

But this is a whole different topic.

I often test different skincare products, so make sure to bookmark my blog in your browser to refer to it when you need it. You can also use the comments section to ask about anything skincare related 🙂

I hope this article will help shed some light on the question of whether it’s okay to use the CeraVe AM Moisturizer at night.

If you’ve had some experience with this product yourself or you’ve talked with friends or family about it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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